Raw friendship- Paper collage, watercolor, pencil and acrylic paint, 22 x 18cm, 2017   

Fertile- Fabric, paper, acetate, powdered pigment, acrylic, glitter and ink on canvas, 25 x 19cm, 2017           

Fruit Flavour- Glitter, ink, acrylic on canvas, 38 x 26 cm , 2017   


Oh Mainha! - Papers, fabric, cellophane, acrylic paint, ink, powder pigment and glitter on canvas, 110 x 93 cm, 2017

Faith- Papers, acrylic paint, acrylic media on canvas, 77 x 46 cm, 2016

Calming the f* down! -  Acrylic paint, nail polish, ink, paper, pigment powder, fabric on canvas, 16 x 11 cm, 2017

Part of me- Paper, fabric, watercolor, acrylic paint, salt on canvas, 30 x 20,5 cm, 2017

Elevating- Monotype and collage- Tea bags, watercollor, pencil, acrylic paint and fabric, 32 x18cm, 2017

Skin and control- Collage of papers, acrylic ink, glitter, metal powder, fabrics and acetate, on canvas, 58 x 41 cm, 2017

Brother- Papers, sewing thread, gold leaf, glitter, ink and aquawash, 35 x 25 cm ,2017

A promise- Monotype with aquawash, 30 x 23cm, 2017

My true, my beauty - Paper collage, fabric, watercolor, ink, acrylic, nail polish on paper, 35 x 28cm, 2017

Hungary- Papers collage, sewing thread and acrylic paint, on cotton, 33x 30cm, 2017

"Not a nine to five job!"- Paper, fabric, glitter, crayon powder, acrylic painting and ink on canvas, 100cm x 60cm, 2017

First and second- Paper, fabric, powder pigment and acrylic paint, 22,5 x 16,5 cm, 2017

Craves/ sleepy - Ink, acrylic paint and paper collage, 26 x 21 cm, 2017

Wind- Papers, fabric, acrylic paint, ink , crayon powder and glitter, 15 x 13 cm, 2017

Half is true- Paper, sewing thread, acrylic paint and metal powder, 17,5 x 17,5 cm, 2017

Mango- Papers, fabrics, coffee filter, watercolor, acrylic paint, ink and glitter on cotton, 51 x 28 cm 2017

That Wednesday cheap date- Crepe paper and fabric, 86 x 38cm 2017.

A taste and a smell- Ink, acrylic paint, canvas cuts and glitter on canvas, 110 x 93 cm, 2017.

                 The new beginning and the red dots- Paper, acrylic paint, and fabric, 35 x 28cm, 2017